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About Talamanca: an exclusive paradise

The Bay of Talamanca is located 15 minutes walk from the town of Jesús. For many this can sound like an eternity but…what are 15 minutes of walking in a place where time stands still? Of course, you can always get there by car, public transport or ferry because admittedly, this bay has perfect connections to the city.

We recommend a peaceful walk. Visitors will see how they gradually pass from a natural, tranquil and silent enclave, into the most glamorous area of Ibiza with flagship and local emblematic “fiesta” shops (El Divino and the Ibiza Casino can be found here). The views progress from the endless and breathtaking Mediterranean to the spectacular vessels which arrive into the port of Ibiza.

Visiting the port is also interesting: it is divided into two parts, Botafoch Marina, where luxury boutiques and distinguished restaurants can be found; and where you can set sail for Formentera.

So whatever you are looking for during your stay you are guaranteed to find it here. We don’t exaggerate when we assure you that Talamanca is an ideal destination, especially if you travel there with friends or family with different tastes: those who wish to be in contact with nature will be enraptured; those who desire something exclusive and who are in search of activities and “fiesta” will be in paradise.

…And all without losing a character which is so calm, so peaceful and so authentically Ibizan. In being close to the city the bay of Talamanca represents the essence of modern Ibiza: a modern, animated and dynamic place which never forgets its roots and has been converted into an emblematic and magical place that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.