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Sant Miguel Area Located in the North of the Island

Sant Miguel, one of the most authentically Ibizan areas

San Miguel Port

San Miguel is, without doubt, one of the most authentically Ibizan areas on the island. It has continued to be this way practically since the 14th century, when they started to build both the town and the church fortress. During this period, being in a steep and almost inaccessible location was a guarantee of security…but today this “isolation” has taken the advantage of turning the area into one of those rare places where time seems to stand still and ancient traditions haven’t been lost.

These customs aren’t foreign to tourists. In summer you can enjoy demonstrations of "ball pagès", a typical Ibizan dance every Thursday at 6 in the afternoon. Also on Thursdays a market is set-up in the streets of the town with typical products and crafts of Ibiza varying from jewellery to typical foods. Of course you can guess what day of the week we recommend that you pay a visit here.

Of course you can go on any other day of the week if you wish. The area has no shortage of attractions. What is more, if you opt to visit the town on any other day you can enjoy it without the crowds ruining the landscape and with the simple yet authentic local restaurants, such as its typical and famous ham.

The area of San Miguel, to which you have to add towns such as Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael and San Antonio can pass as being the most representative of the island. Furthermore it is famous for its particular typical architecture. To say that this region is known as that of the “white villages” visitors can get an idea of what there is to see. Equally it is one of the areas which enjoy the best natural richness: between the villages there are lush forests of Mediterranean pine. The best proof that Ibiza is much more than just beaches and “fiesta”!

San Miguel Beach, Ibiza

A tranquillity and stillness older than humanity itself comforts you during your visit to this region, as you get closer to the centre of the island. If you follow our path to the centre you will find yourselves in an Ibiza where you can truly relax and where the rhythm marks the sun and the wind.

But we return to the beach, where you will find, to the north of San Miquel and some 25kms from San Antonio, a unique area full of mystery: we are talking about the cave of Can Marça. This cavern seems to have been lifted from a tale of pirates. It excites us to say to the most adventurous and romantic tourists that, in fact, this cave was a refuge for pirates and smugglers. But what we also know is that these pirates had very good taste, because the entrance to the cave has the best views of the bay.

As you can see the northern region is well worth an extended visit. Expect the real Ibiza: that which follows no fashions because it is eternal and true.